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The Cold Light of Reason/A Thousand Years Old Song.

These twin pieces were created this morning, fueled by the fathomless joy of not having to work 11 straight hours. I’m very pleased with the result and this new technique is very, very satisfactory. Thanks to kyletwebster for his beautiful Nupastel brush, which made this possible!

Also Adventure Time is quite possibly the most ‘fanartable’ show ever. And for this I am ever so thankful.

Vanilla Twilight
Owl City
Ocean Eyes

"I’ll watch the night turn light blue, 
But it’s not the same without you. 
Because it takes two to whisper quietly. 
The silence isn’t so bad, 
Till I look at my hands and feel sad. 
Cause the spaces between my fingers
Are right where yours fit perfectly.”


Y’all…. I think the sky is flirting with me

"Being a woman is kind of like being a cyclist in a city where all the cars represent men. You’re supposed to be able to share the road equally with cars, but that’s not how it works. The roads are built for cars and you spend a great deal of physical and mental energy being defensive and trying not to get hurt. Some of the cars WANT you to get hurt. They think you don’t have any place on the road at all. And if you do get hurt by a car, everyone makes excuses that it’s your fault."
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That’s the number of arrest warrants issued in Ferguson last year for nonviolent crimes. Compare that to the population of 21,135 people.

Ferguson is making bank off its own citizens

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"White citizens were stopped less than 13% of the time despite making up 29% of the population"

At some point I’ll stop talking about Ferguson. Today is not that day.

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more messing with simple palettes.ˢᵐᵃᶫᶫ ʷᵒʳᵏˢᵖᵃᶜᵉˢ ˢʰʰʰ


more messing with simple palettes.
ˢᵐᵃᶫᶫ ʷᵒʳᵏˢᵖᵃᶜᵉˢ ˢʰʰʰ


I think I have a pretty good body for someone who miscalculated this planet’s dominant indigenous species and had to construct this form as a last-minute assimilation effort.


Pastel Pink Octopus Fake Spirals


Pastel Pink Octopus Fake Spirals



yes I am a believer. oh you meant god? my bad I thought u were talkin about aliens sir.

Anonymous said:
r u dating any1???

no, not rn anon